About the Project

The End-of-Life Essentials Project offers free peer-reviewed online education modules on health care at the end of life in acute hospitals for nurses, doctors and allied health professionals. The content of the modules has been developed from the ACSQHC National End-of-life Consensus Statement. A range of implementation tools are also available to assist managers and clinicians to implement a unified approach to strategies and processes which will inform end-of-life care.

Project Team

The development of complex projects requires a wide range of expertise. The End-of-Life Essentials Project Team comprises the following people:

  • Ms Kim Devery (Project Lead)
    Ms Devery is Head of Teaching and Course Coordinator, Palliative and Supportive Services, Flinders University. The group is internationally recognised for its postgraduate courses in palliative care. Ms Devery has been involved in a number of national education projects in palliative care.
  • Ms Deb Rawlings (Co-Investigator) Deb is a lecturer and researcher in palliative care at Flinders University.
  • Dr Deidre Morgan (Co-Investigator) Deidre is an occupational therapist with a research interest in optimising function of people with advanced disease. She is a lecturer and researcher in palliative care at Flinders University.
  • Ms Jane Durbridge (Marketing & Communications Officer)
    Jane provides marketing and project support for the End-of-Life Essentials Project.
  • Dr Huahua Yin (Research Officer)
  • Professor Jennifer Tieman works closely with the End-of-Life Essentials Project Team in her role as CareSearch Director.
End-of-Life Essentials Project Team
National Consensus Statement

The Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care’s work on end of life care stemmed from their work in the recognising and responding to clinical deterioration program.

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Clarity and agreement are lacking about the meaning of many terms that are commonly used in relation to end-of-life care. It is important for all those involved in providing end-of-life care to have a common understanding of what such terms mean in practice.

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The End-of-Life Essentials Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. We acknowledge the generous contribution of time and expertise by the members of the Advisory Group

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