Other Training Resources

You will find here a list of training resources in EOLE that may be used in teaching sessions or as standalone talking or reflection points.

Summary of available EOLE Education Resources

The below documents provide a summary of available education within End-of-Life Essentials:


These videos cover certain clinical aspects that may be used in a teaching session:

EOLE Animation: A patient's point of view

The Patient's Perspective
(5 mins, 21 sec)

States of Mind at the End of Life

(4 mins, 8 sec)

Symptoms of Depression
(3 mins, 46 sec)

(5 mins, 4 sec)

Assessing Patient States of Mind at the End of Life

(3 mins, 42 sec)

Providing workforce supervision and support

Jeanette Lacey, EOL Care Nurse Practitioner
(13 min, 11 sec)

Key learnings in providing end-of-life care to patients

Professor Imogen Mitchell
(13 mins, 09 sec)