Other Training Resources

You will find here a list of training resources in EOLE that may be used in teaching sessions or as standalone talking or reflection points.

Summary of available EOLE Education Resources

The below documents provide a summary of available education within End-of-Life Essentials:


These videos cover certain clinical aspects that may be used in a teaching session:

EOLE Animation: A patient's point of view

The Patient's Perspective
(5 mins, 21 sec)


States of Mind at the End of Life

(4 mins, 8 sec)

Symptoms of Depression
(3 mins, 46 sec)

(5 mins, 4 sec)

Assessing Patient States of Mind at the End of Life

(3 mins, 42 sec)


Providing workforce supervision and support

Jeanette Lacey, EOL Care Nurse Practitioner
(13 min, 11 sec)