Accreditation and Management

Learn more about the significance of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and quality end-of-life care.

Meeting the Standards

Meeting the Standards

25-30 minutes

Whatever your role, this module aims to explain the Comprehensive Care Standard, as part of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, focussed on end-of-life care.

Clinical Change Management

Clinical Change Management

25-30 minutes

Clinical change begins with having a good understanding of the hospital where you work, and the level of quality of end-of-life care.


My Toolkits

My Toolkits include action checklists and resources with links to videos, blogs, podcasts and further reading to help you maintain your knowledge about end-of-life care and facilitate discussion and engagement at work.

EOLE Accreditation Collaborative and other accreditation resources

Discover more accreditation resources, videos and presentations, and learn about the EOLE Accreditation Collaborative and our partnership with hospitals Australia wide.

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