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Project News - Edition 53 - December 2020

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019At the Palliative Care Nurses Australia conference in November, presenters and audience feedback highlighted the need for specific education in acute care around death, dying, bereavement and communication training.

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Project News - Edition 50 - September 2020

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the nurses, doctors, allied health workers, orderlies, technicians, cleaners, support staff and all other staff providing care to patients and their families. Our thoughts are with you and those affected by this pandemic during this time of unprecedented stress.

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Project News - Edition 49 - August 2020

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019In our ‘Imminent Death’ education module we asked you ‘How do you say goodbye to a patient in your care who has died?’. We received over 800 responses last year. Upskilling yourself on sensitive communication, such as breaking news over the phone or telling the truth with kindness, can enhance the care you deliver.

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Project News - Edition 48 - July 2020

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019End-of-Life Essentials is once again the proud recipient of an Australian Department of Health grant, securing funding for the project until 30 June 2023. Outcomes for the next three years include development of four new online modules with targeted learning; extending new Education Hub and evaluating the current Toolkit to facilitate practice change.

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Project News - Edition 47 - June 2020

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019As a health professional, you may be experiencing feelings of grief normally thought to be only associated with loss through death. Wide-ranging feelings can be expected at any time due to losses such as familiar routines, security, employment, a wedding, or even the loss of family, friends or work colleagues.

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Project News - Edition 46 - May 2020

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019As clinicians, one of the critical conversations to have with vulnerable patients is around the care they would want if they became seriously unwell. This is particularly relevant in older patients or those with chronic or advanced illness.

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Project News - Edition 45 - April 2020

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019The COVID-19 pandemic is altering the way people are living and managing illness. Anxiety, fear and distress may present more frequently in our health care systems. For many people it might also be more difficult to get social support from family and friends who are following physical distancing measures.

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