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Project News - Edition 42 - December 2019

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019Have you observed overpowering human sadness or suffering in your workplace? Has this impacted you as a professional and as a person? The way we care for ourselves in our professional lives can strengthen both our clinical practice and our emotional lives.

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Project News - Edition 36 - June 2019

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019Do you find yourself wondering how to recognise end-of-life? Identifying patients who are imminently dying, and patients who may die within the next 12 months, can be a difficult task for health professionals.

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Project News - Edition 35 - May 2019

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019As learners of the End-of-Life Essentials modules, we want to speak to you about how the modules have changed your clinical practice. The purpose of this qualitative research study is to gain in-depth feedback from people who have completed our modules.

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Project News - Edition 34 - April 2019

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019Did you know that the leading causes of child death in Australia are mostly non-cancer conditions and congenital abnormalities? A big step in providing quality care is to understand your own attitude to the expected death of a child.

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Project News - Edition 33 - March 2019

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019Chronic complex progressive conditions cannot be cured, and account for around 90% of all deaths in Australia. By offering to discuss early on in patients’ diagnosis or illness what is likely to occur in the future, patients can then plan their health care, time and life.

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Project News - Edition 32 - February 2019

Project News - Edition 32 - Feb 2019Most doctors, nurses and allied health professionals have chosen their profession to cure, care and comfort, but with over 50% of Australians dying in acute hospitals, all health professionals can strengthen their clinical practice by remembering that death is a normal part of life.

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