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End-of-Life Essentials have created resources to assist health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These include a video, factsheets, and other useful resources.

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Resources for staff responsible for accreditation to improve end-of-life care in hospitals.

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Project News - Edition 68 - May 2022

Project News - Edition 68 - May 2022In our new End-of-Life Care for Diverse Communities module, we ask learners to consider themselves in terms of having privilege, or not. Lack of privilege for patients may impact access to health care services..

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Project News - Edition 67 - April 2022

Project News - Edition 67 - April 2022Our new End-of-Life Care for Diverse Communities module is now available! In this module, healthcare professionals can strengthen their practice by learning how to hold assumptions lightly, and that positive attitudes can be a future enabler for patients seeking further health care.

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