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End-of-Life Essentials launches new education platform

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A blog post written by Associate Professor Kim Devery, Project Lead, End-of-Life Essentials and Academic Lead, Palliative and Supportive Services, Flinders University

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End-of-Life Essentials (EOLE) provides free education to acute hospital staff across all states and territories in Australia, from metropolitan cities to rural and remote locations. There are approximately 250,000 health care professionals who work in hospitals around Australia, and approximately 27,000 are registered learners in the EOLE learning platform.

With a continued increase in learner registrations, EOLE needed to find a new learning platform which could meet the demand of expansion in learners from Australian public and private hospitals.

To future-proof the project, the project also sought to:

  1. Support the sharing of education modules and resources with external stakeholders; primarily hospitals but also other grant funded projects and not-for-profit educational providers in both metropolitan and rural and remote Australia.
  2. Maintain the quality, safety, and integrity of content for the EOLE project.
  3. Facilitate stakeholder data collection and reporting requirements.

A new learning platform also needed to meet the growing needs of EOLE at different levels, and for various stakeholder groups, for example:

  • Individual learners - ensuring a learner centric user experience.
  • Individual hospitals / training provider organisations - providing aggregate data on learner registrations and module completions.
  • Jurisdictions – we aim to trial access across different systems and generating de-identified aggregated data.
  • Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care - ensuring efficiencies, ethical handling of data and seamless quality and delivery of project.
  • End-of-Life Essentials Project - ensuring quality control (relevance and currency) of the education, resources, and website.

After a thorough call for expression of interest and design consultation, EOLE will move to a new education platform on the 29 August 2022. The new platform will sit with Digital Learning and Design Unit at SA Health, who have a track record of delivering learning platform support and service to other similar national projects at a national scale.

EOLE aims to continue to strongly grow and support hospital health professionals in their end-of-life care training. EOLE also supports managers and quality assurance clinicians in meeting the implementation of, and assessment to, the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

You can find out more at the refreshed End-of-Life Essentials Education Modules web page


Profile picture Associate Professor Kim Devery 

Associate Professor Kim Devery

End-of-Life Essentials Project Lead and Academic Lead, Palliative and Supportive Services,

Flinders University

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