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Project News - Edition 9 - Dec 2016

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018In Module 5 you can learn more about the importance of teamwork. Effective teamwork encompasses leadership, clear goals, clear roles, trust, respect and a cultural readiness to allow patients to steer their care. However, sometimes things don’t go well in teams and this can greatly affect patient care. Learning about the best way to approach conflict is of benefit to everyone in the team.

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Project News - Edition 8 - Nov 2016

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018In the new module 'Planning End-of-Life Care - Goals of Care', you will learn about the importance of negotiating goals of care with patients and families, and why this matters in end-of-life care.

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Project News - Edition 7 - Oct 2016

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Identifying which patients are approaching the end-of-life phase is crucial to delivering appropriate health care. Recognising end of life is sometimes approximate, so understanding and communicating this uncertainty is crucial. You can learn more in Module 3 - Recognising the End of Life.

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Project News - Edition 6 - Sep 2016

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018It is not too late to join thousands of Australian doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. In Module 2 you are invited to focus on areas in your communication on which to develop and grow. You will have access to specialised and peer-reviewed video, communication tips and tools, and opportunities to adapt, adopt and develop your communication skills. Watch, learn and then practice how to increase the effectiveness of your communication across a wide range of common end-of-life scenarios.

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Project News - Edition 5 - Aug 2016

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Perhaps you have completed one module, but you want to complete more. We know things can get busy. Remember you can easily register or return to the End-of-Life Essentials website to access all the learning modules at any time. All the resources, videos and quizzes are conveniently available on the website.

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Project News - Edition 4 - July 2016

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018On June 24th our first three modules were launched at an event held at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, Adelaide. Guest speakers included Professor Villis Marshall (Chair of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care), Ms Meg Brassil (consumer representative and advocate) and Professor Ken Hillman (Professor of Intensive Care, Liverpool Hospital) who officially launched the modules. The day was led by Professor Michael Kidd (Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Services, Flinders University).

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