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Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Perhaps you have completed one of the training modules, but you want to learn more. Perhaps you have wondered how you can strengthen your ability to recognise a patient in their last year, weeks or days of life? Recognition of end-of-life is vital in terms of providing quality care.

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Project News - Edition 25 - June 2018

Compassionate responses in end-of-life care are so valuable. Research described below in 'Latest Evidence' helps clarify, from healthcare professionals’ perspectives, what assists or hinders compassion in the workplace.

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Project News - Edition 24 - May 2018

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Our education pages are being refreshed! Expect some things to look a bit different as we have updated our learning management system, but the content is the same quality resources you have used before, but fresh! If you have any questions please do contact us, we are here to help.

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Project News - Edition 23 - April 2018

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Are you a ‘Champion’ working to improve end-of-life care in your hospital? Does your role involve educating others, coordinating or clinical leadership around end-of-life care? Do you share our resources or advocate our project at work? We’d like to hear from you!

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Project News - Edition 22 - March 2018

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Do you have trouble choosing the right words when discussing end-of-life care? If you do - you are not alone! Euphemisms for end-of-life and dying are so common. Deb Rawlings, with others, has researched this fascinating area and you can read about it in this article published in The Conversation.

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Project News - Edition 21 - Feb 2018

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Occasionally we ask for extra help from you in understanding the outcomes of our education, and last year we asked some of you to answer a small survey. We are delighted to announce that the large majority of the subsample of all learners said their confidence and knowledge had been maintained 3-6 months after completing a module in End-of-Life Essentials!

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Project News - Edition 19 - Nov 2017

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Have you seen our new videos? Learn from specialists in the field to help strengthen your practice. Topics include : Why end-of-life care education is needed for health care professionals working in hospitals; How do you think a resource like this will benefit your service or the people you work with? A short clinical story of an end-of-life scenario to illustrate the importance of good end-of-life care; What patients value; An ICU perspective and; Self Care.

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Project News - Edition 18 - Oct 2017

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018We have great news! In cooperation and support of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) and key stakeholders, our project has been extended by the Australian Government Department of Health to 2020

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Project News - Edition 17 - Sep 2017

Project News - Edition 27 - Aug 2018Emergencies at the end-of-life can escalate suddenly and health care professionals need to know responses or options for resolving issues in the following circumstances: Airway obstruction - tumours encroaching on airways; Acute dyspnoea; Spinal cord compression - vertebral metastases; Bleeding and haemorrhage - from large vessel involvement or bone marrow failure and Pain.

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